San Fagotto Bassoon Festival

The Bassoon Festival San Fagotto was founded in 2019 by Mamoru Yamashita and David Seidel as artistic director. The festival follows a successful collaboration between David Seidel and the Bassoon Professors of the University of Arts Tokyo (Geidai). David Seidel intends to perform a careful selected program beside the well known standards of bassoon literature, together with Japanese Bassoonists, his Chamber-Music Formations of Vienna and International Guests. Many pieces of the festival program will be performed the first time in Japan, some also the first time on the bassoon in the world.
The Name San Fagotto comes from the Japanese Number three = san. There will be played three concerts in three different cities with three different programs. San also means friend in the Japanese Language, San is the word for sacred in the Italian Language. All meanings belong to the relation of bassoonists and their Instrument.

Aufgrund von CoVID-19 auf 2022 verschoben
13.09. – 20.09.2021


Opening Concert

David Seidel and Piano (Misae Une)
David Seidel and Japanese Professor Ensemble (Okamoto, Kawamura) plus Guests (Nomura, Advanced High Level Students Gedai and Graz)

Second Evening

The Vienna Bass&oon Quartet
Richard Galler, David Seidel, Leonard Eröd, Ernst Weissensteiner

Final Concert

Bassoon Concertos with the Aichi Chamber Orchestra
Richard Galler, Matthias Racz, David Seidel
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